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About Cloud Capital

We believe that sustainable and strong companies are built with a focus on delivering high customer value and with a healthy balance between profitability and growth. The strongest businesses are built by entrepreneurs who have large ownership in their business and thereby control all the decisions. With a background ourselves as founders we wanted to create a funding solution that we always wanted ourselves.

  • What if funding could be faster and not take as much time in to consideration as a traditional round?
  • What if funding could be cheaper than VC capital?
  • What if it was possible to invest in your business growth without giving up on equity?

We’re building Cloud Capital to be a long-term partner to entrepreneurs. We provide growth capital that is non dilutive and thus make sure the entrepreneur can stay in control of their company. And thereby creating more value for the shareholders.

Cloud Capital
c/o GT30
Grev turegatan 30
S-114 38 Stockholm